Services We Provide

Elevate your space with our bespoke interior design services. From concept to execution, we transform visions into reality. Discover personalized designs that reflect your style and enhance your lifestyle.

Design Concept & Proposed Plans

URBN Interiors excels in crafting innovative design concepts and meticulous plans that seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics.Collaborating closely with clients, our talented designers translate visions into detailed blueprints, ensuring each space is uniquely tailored to reflect individual needs and preferences.

Interior Consultant

Our interior consultancy service at URBN Interiors offers expert guidance on layout, colour schemes, furnishings, and decorative elements. Leveraging design trends and spatial optimization, we collaborate with clients to exceed expectations and create spaces that are both visually stunning and functionally efficient

Cad Drawings

Precision is paramount, and URBN Interiors employs cutting-edge Computer-Aided Design (CAD) technology to create detailed drawings that bring designs to life. These serve as vital communication tools, enabling clients to visualize concepts and providing contractors with precise instructions for flawless implementation.

3D Perspectives

URBN Interiors brings designs to life through captivating 3D perspectives. Enhancing visualization, these renderings provide clients with a realistic preview of the proposed spaces, offering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the design concepts.

Materials & Equipment

URBN Interiors sources high-quality materials and equipment aligned with design concepts, sustainability goals, and functional requirements. From furniture to finishes, our curation enhances aesthetics and ensures the longevity of your space.

Detailed Construction Packages

Our detailed construction packages streamline project implementation, providing comprehensive documentation specifying construction methodologies, materials, and finishes. This ensures seamless coordination between design and construction teams, resulting in efficient execution.

Planning Applications

URBN Interiors navigates regulatory landscapes, offering expertise in preparing and submitting planning applications. We liaise with authorities to ensure compliance with local regulations, facilitating a smooth approval process for your project.

Building Regulation Submission

Compliance is key, and URBN Interiors prepares and submits documentation for building regulation approval. Our meticulous approach ensures adherence to safety standards, providing a solid foundation for construction and guaranteeing the resilience of completed spaces.